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General Guidelines & Prerequisites:


  ● Customers requesting a credit must return all original items, including restorations made by COCO Dental Lab, impressions, bite registrations, models, and Rx-Forms to us for evaluation

  ● Proper explanations for requesting a credit must be provided.

  ● The final decision for either granting a credit or refusing to issue a credit will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Credits will be issued, if the following situation occurs:


  ● Our lab failed to execute the customer’s request and failed to meet the specific instructions provided by either the requesting dental laboratory or the originating dentists.

  ● If issuing a credit, we will inform the customer accordingly and the needed credit adjustment will be issued

No credit will be issued if any of the following situations occur:


  ● The original item and requested materials as outlined above were not returned to our lab for evaluation.

  ● No written reason for the credit request was provided.

  ● The returned item includes a new bite registration, new impression, or other materials that were NOT parts of the original case.

  ● The new impressions prove that one or several teeth have been re-prepped, thus NOT reflecting the original situation.

  ● A new design, new choice of selected material, or a different shade etc has been required.

  ● The case was “questionable” from the beginning due to insufficient preparation of the tooth/teeth, unreadable margins, insufficient impression, or insufficient bite registration, yet the customer gave permission to proceed with the case. In this case, we do our best to finish the case in a satisfactory manner, but will not be held responsible for grant any credit request.

  ● No credit will be issued due to shipping damage that was caused by improper handling by the selected freight carrier. In this case, any request for credit should be directed to the freight carrier.

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